The Blitzer is one of the four classes available to choose in Singularity's multiplayer mode.

Ingame DescriptionEdit

Blitzers can teleport through space in no time. It's great for evasive maneuvers, but also a powerful weapon in the right hands.

TMD PowersEdit

Blitzers have a teleport ability that allow them to teleport short distances and through walls and ceilings. This can be useful as it lets you avoid enemy attacks or flank them. There the perk Time Blast allows you to do damage when you teleport through enemies. The damage done is negligible, however, and is only useful against Phase Ticks since it kills them instantly. Should a teleport land inside any enemy, it will immediately kill said enemy. This is a built-in mechanic in the game and has been referred to in the past as either telefragging or blitzed. If multiple enemies occupy the same space, it is possible to kill them in a single telefrag. In the hands of more advanced players, this is the recommended style of play with the Blitzer class.


The Blitzers are similar in appearance to standard Spetsnaz soldiers encountered in the game, however, the Blitzers are instead dressed in a dark blue outfit with two light blue glowing eye-ports on their helmet. They do have a TMD on their left hand like the other classes, but theirs is glowing blue, as opposed to standard orange.



The basic way to use the Blitzer class is as a skirmishing unit or a rush unit. Throughout the maps there are various shortcuts and paths a Blitzer can take to quickly advance towards the Beacon or respawns, or escape from a pursuing enemy.


With the rusher style of play, it is recommended to learn the maps and find spots a Blitzer can teleport through a wall floor or ceiling to gain an advantage. These spots have never been fully documented, so discovering them on your own or by learning from other players will have to suffice.

The basic strategy with this style is to go for the second respawn first. Most of the time, the Creatures will be expecting Soldiers to push for the first respawn, and so by going to the second, you will have to bypass them. Gaining the second respawn has several advantages. It forces the Creatures to withdraw to deal with the immediate threat on the beacon, allowing your team to move up and claim the first beacon. It allows you to repair some of the beacon and put pressure on the opposing team. And it gives you an edge at the outset of a battle by now having the rest of the game time to be devoted purely towards taking the beacon. It is recommended to have the Increase Speed perk activated as well as having your pistol equipped to maximise speed.


In the skirmishing style of play, your main goal is to harass the Creatures by using your teleport ability to make quick getaways or to out maneuvre enemies to attack them from a blind spot or weak spot, such as the Radions backside. It is recommended to equip the Faster Recharge perk as you will be more dependant upon your teleport ability than with the rush style.


The only current advanced technique widely known with the Blitzer is the telefrag. Telefragging consists of landing a teleport inside an enemy. A successful telefrag will always result in an instant kill, making it a very powerful offensive ability in the hands of a skilled player. Telefragging will not affect a phased Zek.

There are multiple ways to telefrag, the simplest being learning the distance a teleport takes you and correctly judging the best distance to land. The most effective method, however, is to look at the ground slightly past the feet of an enemy and teleport, as the ground will stop you just short of where you were looking. Using this allows you to effectively aim a teleport, and can be reliably used against Radions, Zeks, Reverts, and infested soldiers. It is also possible to telefrag a Phase Tick. Using the teleport in this way also conserves energy, as you are only moved a short distance. It is recommended, however, that you still equip the Fast Recharge perk.


The best counter to a blitzer is to use the Zek, Revert, or Phase Tick classes. If the Blitzer is not a skilled telefragger, any of these three will suffice. However, if the player is a skilled Blizer, do not use the Zek. Instead, it is most recommended to use either the Revert's mine, the Phase Tick, or the Radion using advanced tactics. Do not engage a Blizer at this level at close range, unless with a Phase Tick. Engage at a distance whenever possible. Zek is not recommended as its ranged attack is easy to avoid or counter/capture.


When telefragging a Phase Tick that is in the process of infesting a Soldier, there is a glitch where you will immediately die and the kill will be awarded to the Phase Tick player. There is no graphic for a kill of this type. Very rarely will you successfully telefrag the tick and save your teammate.

Teleporting through a Revert mine that is either in the air, or is exploding will kill the teleporting Blitzer, even if they originated from and/or teleported to an area beyond the mine's killzone.

How Teleportation WorksEdit

This section lists out in detail how teleportation works in game and the algorithm the game uses. The sequence listed may differ from the actual programming of the game. This listing assumes the Y axis is vertical.

Then you initiate a teleport, the game determines what angle you are moving along the X and Z axis, that is, horizontally. If you are not moving, then the game will assume you are moving directly forward where your camera is pointing.

Next the game will then determine the angle along the Y axis your camera is facing. That is, what vertical angle you are facing. The game will then use this to determine where along a circle with a radius of about 2 meters rotated by the vertical angle you are facing. The game will then determine what exact point along the perimeter of this circle you will end up, as determined by your horizontal angle.

A vector is created between this point and your point of origin, then it is determined of there are any barriers that will block this path, such as the ground. The vector will then be shortened to the furthest valid exit point. The game then determines if you passed through any damaging attacks or effects while teleporting, including on exit then apply them to you. If they are lethal, they kill you at the point you take damage and will exit you out of teleportation at that point.

The game will then determine of you landed inside any enemies and will kill any enemy you land inside of.

It is not known where the damage applied by Time Blast is applied along this sequence, and more experimentation is needed to determine this.