Singularity is a game that has two boss fights. Below are details on how to defeat the boss and when they occur.

Boss Fight #1 - The Zek Boss Edit

Boss One

The first boss, the second time you encounter him without armor.

  • This fight occurs near the end of the second mission, just after you have to use a block to reach the broken ladder, next to the words that say "Follow Barisov I Will Keep You Safe Don't Trust Barisov".
  • This is the creature you encounter twice before the main fight. The first time was when you went up an elevator and he started to climb up to catch you, but couldn't. The second was when he crashed through the wall and grabbed onto you. If you do not how to defeat him there, you must shoot the blue circle on his chest once, and he will soon run away.

Stage One Edit

Walk into the square room, and the door will close behind you. You will be able to hear a man screaming as he has been impaled in the stomach and is hanging above you. The boss will start to tease, and jump around the area, and the vibration will make the man slide down the pole that impaled him. He will soon hang onto a wall, throw a hammer at the screaming man, nailing him in the wall then appear to pull the hammer out and throw it away (In those moments, you cannot harm him).

He will first just appear in front of you, and then disappear. He will then reappear with a spawning explosive barrel, which when he throws it at you, you must catch it and throw it back at him. You cannot damage the barrel as it is in his hands as it is still spawning. He will keep disappearing and reappearing whilst doing this. After three times you throw the barrels back at him, his armour will fall fully off, but he will still pursist on throwing barrels at you. The blue circle on his chest is now vulnerable. Make sure you shoot at the circle on his chest. You can either do that or keep throwing the barrels back at him, as either will work. Once you have damaged him enough, he will be in pain, and a sort of worm-like creature will fly out of him, and the boss will disappear.

Zeks will appear appear, and will try to kill you. Some will also spawn with explosive barrels which this time, you can shoot if they are still in their hands. Once you have killed all them, the boss will appear again.

Stage Two Edit

The boss will then appear again with his hammer. He will start to walk towards you, and once he gets close enough, he will start to hit you with his hammer. You must make sure he misses or else he will damage you. The best thing to do is move back rather than move around him as he tries to hit you with his hammer. Once he misses you, his hammer will get stuck in the ground. This is your chance to do damage on him. Behind him on the right side of his back is another blue circle, which you must shoot at to do damage. Do as much damage as you can as if you do not do enough damage, he will do exactly what he tried to do to you with his hammer again, which yet again, you can inflict damage on him some more. Once enough damage has been done to him, the same worm will appear out of him, and he will disappear and again, more Zeks will try to kill you. Defeat them once more.

Stage Three Edit

He will appear yet again, and he could do one of two things to inflict damage. He can either throw more explosive barrels at you, or charge at you and swipe at you with his hammer. You can inflict damage on him in one of two ways. The first is to shoot at the blue circle, which can now be found on the side of his head. The second is to throw the barrels he throws at you again. After enough damage has been inflicted, he will then crash on the floor, the door will open and Kathryn will appear.

Boss Fight #2: The Tick Boss Edit

  • You encounter this boss two times throughout the game. The first time is just after you have fallen into the Tick pit, when you travel through an old train tunnel, and this boss will break through the walls, and damage you if it's leg hits you. It also appears straight after once you have jumped on the train, and the boss will lift the cart up, and you will fall out. The train will be thrown at you but will just miss you and you pass out.
  • The second time is just after you have got onto the train with Kathryn and you cross a bridge, and then the boss will break the bridge, and you have to fight your way across.

Stage One Edit

The boss will start by by knocking off the the stone pipes and roaring.Then he will reveal four bright orange weak spots on his chest and lower abdomen. Then he will slash at Renko but also giving an chance at the pustules. Occaisonally, he will open his mouth and try to bite but this can be blocked by firing into his jaw. If you take too long, he will whack with his tail and climb under the train. He will try climbing on either side to bite you. After popping all four the boss will grow two huge tumor-like boils on the side of his head. Quickly shoot these to make him roar and start the tactics over again.

Stage Two Edit

The giant tick will fall off the train, almost pulling the car down with it. You have to do a lot of jumping to make your way towards the engine amidst several normal ticks. It would probably be best to focus on getting toward the engine, ignore the ticks, and just using health pack(s) when necessary. On your way to the engine, the giant tick claws its way back in your path once more, quite furious this time, but horribly injured. It will attempt to bite you like before, roaring madly all the while. Just fire into its mouth when it's open. It won't last long against your firepower in its current state, and it knows it, so it drops down again in fury.

Stage Three Edit

You're almost at the engine, but the Giant Tick just won't give up on its meal. After all, it probably hasn't eaten a good fleshy meal in over fifty years! It appears more or less from behind you, and seems to have a second wind. Fortunately for you, this time you've got the TMD on your side! You will fire something that appears to be a Deadlock which will latch onto its head. Defeat the beast just like you fixed the train earlier. Keep your cross-hairs trained on the giant tick's head as it snakes back and forth trying to snap at you. After a few seconds, the tick will let out a final roar and drop of the train, finally giving up. Congratulations! You've just defeated the Akrid. :)

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