Duplicate page of James Devilin

Devlin is one of the soldiers along with Renko who is sent on a mission to do recon on the island. Early in the game Renko and Devlin are seperated and your first task in the game is to rendezvous with him at a radio station. Devlin sends out radio messages in case of any survivors of his team. Soon after fighting your first enemy on the island you drop down to street level. Devlin sends a message that he is in a school and that there is some man there (a mutant) You then hear Devlin start to panic and then scream. Near the end of the library though you see Devlin and he rushes through a door which he tries to barricade. He tells you to hold off the mutants for him. Renko and Devlin then travel for a little bit when Devlin is ambushed by a mutant. You both fight them off on your way to the radio tower. At the radio tower both of you are ambushed by the Russians and then taken hostage at which point Devlin is killed.

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