The Healer is one of the four classes available to choose in Singularity's multiplayer mode.

Ingame DescriptionEdit

Healers are valuable resources to their team and can often turn the tide of the battle. They also have the ability to heal themselves, but only when actively healing a teammate.

TMD PowersEdit

The Healer is able heal teammates while healing himself. You get points for healing teammates. Their ability to heal a teammate also grants that team member a higher resistance to damage while being healed. Each unit of health that is restored on an allied Soldier (or Creature provided a Healer is controlled by a Phase Tick) will confer one point to the Healer's score.

Improved healingEdit

This unique multiplayer perk increases the effectiveness of the Healers Healing power.


Healers are clad out outfits similar to the ones worn by the scientists on Katorga-12 in 1955, but with red stripes on the outfit along with having two glowing orange eye-ports on the outfits mask. Along with the other classes, they have a TMD on their left hand.


Healers have the highest base speed of any soldier class in the game, possibly faster than any of the creatures as well,save the Phase Tick. This enables the Healer to be used for rush tactics to quickly get past Creatures on Extermination and repair the beacon or second respawn point early in the round.

If a Healer maximises their speed via the Increased Speed perk as well as switching to the pistol (which confers a speed bonus regardless of class) the Healer, under some circumstances, may even be able to outrun a Creatures lunge during melee attacks, making them susceptible only to ranged attacks or the effects of Revert puke.

Units being actively healed will gain significant Damage Resistance. This effect persists if the unit being healed has full health. This effect does not, however, affect the Healer itself.


The best counter to a Healer that is using Rush Tactics is to use either the Phase Tick class or Radion class. Radions have the longest range of any of the classes, making them able to potentially stop the rush, even if it cannot catch up. It can also destroy a beacon or Respawn point quickly in the event the rush is successful. The Phase Tick, on the other hand, can outpace the Healer and take over its body. There will be a good chance that the Healer will be isolated from their teammates who could otherwise stop a takeover.

To counter a healing Healer, the best tactic is to ignore the unit being healed and instead focus solely on the Healer. The Healer does not have Damage Resistance and is left vulnerable due to being focused on healing.


[Healer Gameplay]

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