In Multiplayer there are two different modes


In Extermination, the Soldiers try to reactivate beacons to exterminate the Creatures and the Creatures try to stop them. They consist of 3 rounds and 3 tiers and each round is 5 minutes. The Soilders will try to get to and reactivate the beacon in enemy teritorry. They must hold the beacon for 20 seconds. The Creatures will try to defend the beacon and destroy it if the Soilders reactivate it. Lowering the beacon to 75% will stop the countdown to extermination. If the Soldiers are able to hold the beacon for the 20 seconds, then all creatures will automatically die and a door will open, allowing the Soldiers to go to the next tier and the battle continues until the Soldiers are unable to hold the beacons or if they succeed. The teams then switch sides and it happens again. At the end of the game, the team that captured the most beacons win. If it's a tie, the team that took less time wins.

There will be Spawner Units along the battlefield. The Soldiers can reactivate these and spawn closer to the beacon. The Creatures can destroy these.

Creatures vs. SoldiersEdit

A standard Team Deathmatch game. It still consists of two rounds with teams switching but the main goal is to try to kill the enemy instead of reactivating or defending beacons. There are no Spawner units.