Perks are one of the customization options available to Singularitys Multiplayer, allowing the player to select one of 5 different character enhancements when playing as a Soldier.

Each Soldier can pick from a pool of 5 perks, with each class being able to pick one of four general perks or a specialized class perk than enhances their TMD power in some aspect.

General PerksEdit

Increased SpeedEdit

Increased Speed is a general perk that increases the base speed of the player by roughly 25%.

Fast RechargeEdit

Fast Recharge is a general perk that increases the recharge speed of the players TMD power by 60%.


Stealthy is a general perk that hides the player from Creature Vision and Revert Mines, meaning Creatures with the Creature Vision perk cannot see them through walls and don't trigger Revert Mines.

Increased DamageEdit

Increased Damage is a general perk that increases the damage of all of the players weapons.

Class Specific PerksEdit

Time BlastEdit

Time Blast is a Blitzer only perk that does knockback damage to enemies the Blitzer 'travels' through when teleporting.

Extended ImpulseEdit

Extended Impulse is a Bruiser only perk that does increases the effective range of the Bruisers Impulse TMD power.


Untouchable is a Lurker only perk that does increases the damage reflected by the Lurkers shield TMD power.

Improved HealingEdit

Improved Healing is a Healer only perk that does increases the effectiveness of the Healers TMD power.

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