Scotland captain Darren Fletcher: <a href="">Win it for the manager</a>

Scotland captain Darren Fletcher says the players are determined to beat Belgium on Tuesday to relieve the pressure on boss Craig Levein.

The 2-1 defeat to Wales on Friday left the Scots second from bottom of their World Cup qualifying group and Levein under serious pressure.

The Scots are now desperate for a victory in Brussels to kick-start their campaign.

The Manchester United midfielder said: "<a href="">We are desperate for the performance and the win for the manager because we believe in him as a team, as a group</a>.

"We've seen the work he puts in, the way he treats the players, the attention to detail that goes into every game.

"It's a really good set-up to be involved in and all the players genuinely enjoy being here. He treats us like adults, with respect.

"We are allowed to voice our opinions but he has the final decision and everyone respects him for that. <a href="">Hopefully we can get a much-needed victory</a>.

"The players are fully behind the manager. I don't think we could be better prepared for matches than we are. I honestly believe that.

"The manager has come in and had a really positive impact on the whole structure at the SFA.

"<a href="">He has definitely had a positive impact on the squad</a>.

"We've had some good performances and we just need the results and hopefully they come sooner rather than later."

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