Throughout the course of Singularity, the player can pick up, buy and upgrade a variety of weapons spread throughout Katorga-12.


An essential part of Nathaniel Renko's survival against the enemies in Singularity.

Obtainable in-game conventional weapons

Special WeaponryEdit

Special weapons are weapons that can be used once picked up. The Seeker and Rocket Launcher must be dropped when switching to another weapon or out of ammunition.

Weapon UpgradesEdit

Upgrades are bought in Weapon Lockers with Weapon Tech found throughout Katorga-12.

  • Clip Upgrade: Increases ammunition clip capacity (Shots fired before having to reload)
Available Clip Upgrades
Weapon Type Default Clip Size Level 1* Level 2**
AR9 Valkyrie Assault Rifle 30 38 46
Autocannon 100 150 200
Centurion Pistol 6 9 12
Dethex Launcher 4 5 7
Kasimov SNV-E99 Sniper Rifle 5 7 10
Spikeshot 5 7 9
Volk S4 Shotgun 6 9 12
*Level 1 costs 1 Weapon Tech
**Level 2 costs 2 Weapon Tech
  • Quick Reload: Reduces reload time when not sprinting
  • High Damage: Increases Weapon damage


Ammo can be found in chests, lockers, on the ground, or next to fallen enemies. It can also be bought in Weapon Lockers with E99 Tech.